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How it all began:

Kaashcustoms is born from the passion and desire to create Jewels so that they keep all the value of feelings in time. The perfect harmony is confirmed by the manufacturing of the highest quality of our jewels and completed in details and in the balance of shapes that can only be achieved with the manual finishing of our experienced craftsmen. Our jewels receive all the care and dedication seeking elegance, refinement and simplicity.


A Dream Factory

Kaashcustoms is a customer-oriented company that values ​​people; our desire to understand the essence of the woman, because a beautiful jewel shows not only its brilliance, but also that of those who use it transforming their dreams into reality. We are based on pillars of customization, quality, our own design, innovative products and sustainability throughout the production process.


The Craftsmen:

Kaashcustoms sells beauty, self-esteem and style. For this, it counts on professional Italian designers and artisans with more than 20 experience totally dedicated to the details, forging emotions in personalized jewelry.


The Creation

Creative development can start from small intuitions, from seemingly insignificant clues in everyday life, from direct modeling of metals, being guided by the dominant emotions at that moment to discover where they will lead. Depending on the idea and possible design and project of the jewelry, the most appropriate processing technique is chosen, which can vary from the plate (directly in metal), to laminate or wax, to wax or wax casting.



Kaashcustoms demonstrates a strong commitment to the environment, maintaining the highest level of pollution control in its modern industrial plants. We believe that preserving the planet and its quality of life is a priority. Through an ethical and environmentally conscious commitment to the environment.